måndag 27 april 2015

Candy Crush Hacker V1.0

Candy Crush Hack

Tired of aimlessly tapping your phone trying to match up the candies and other goodies in Candy Crush Saga? Vortex team proudly presents Candy Crush Hacker V1.0, the world's first Candy Crush hack tool.

Candy Crush is an addicting and mesmerizing game, flashing beautiful colors and shapes as you are given objectives to complete. If times runs out and you are not able to do the objective, it is game over. Getting three in a row or more is the basic premise of the game, and it certainly does not fail to disappoint in the excitement department. Compete against your friends to get the best score or even beg them for lives when you run out. Such is the life of a Candy Crush player, destined to eventually run out of lives having to either wait 30 minutes or giving buddies fake compliments in order to get them to send you lives.

We are here to change that for good. Vortex has developed a complex software application that connects to the Candy Crush servers, registering as a native client and spoofing authenticity. Sounds complicated huh? Our developers worked day and night in order to finish this amazing tool, and it has been perfected to the point where you could not possibly think of another feature for it. The hack tool is completely undetectable and unbannable, as we are perceived as a legitimate game request to the Candy Crush servers, so your game data and your mobile device are both safe from detection.

The hack tool allows you to select a wide variety of options, even more options than the game provides you with! Our goal with the development of this program was to provide you the best user experience possible, and we hope that we can do this in the most feature rich and exciting way possible. We are sure that you will be not disappointed with your program.

Candy Crush Hack Tool V1.0 Features:

    Unlimited Lives - No more waiting out the timer or asking your friends. Unlimited Lollipops - Yummy! Unlimited Connectivity - Use our tool as many times as you want. iOS and Android compatibility - Play on your favorite devices. Automatic Updater - Recieve regular updates from our developers.

Are you ready to experience Candy Crush on a whole new level? Click the button below to download our exclusive hack tool now exclusively presented by Vortex.

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